Hear What Patients and Practitioners Have to Say

I must warn you that the changes made with Advanced BioStructural Correction™are said to be impossible by many practitioners of other healing arts and even other methods of structural healing. They will tell you that the pictures, videos and testimonials are either not true or only pictures of the “best cases”. All the pictures, videos and testimonials are not only true but they are the consistent and predictable results daily achieved by ABC™ practitioners worldwide.

Patient in Scotland who already had two surgeries and they wanted to do a third

Chiropractor with chronic knee pain experiences the amazing benefits of ABC™ for himself


ABC™ Practitioner and Patient, Erica Kasprzyk

ABC™ Patient, John Foley

This is Dr. Carolyn O’Hara’s mom before her first time treated with the ABC™ protocol. Besides the slump configuration her body goes into she had a very nasty ankle fracture that was pinned and plated. Viewing the x-rays I can tell you that messy as it looks, it actually healed rather well for that kind of injury. However, she has been in constant pain.

The reason for her constant pain is the way her body twists her pelvis and down her legs. As soon as she was treated… (see right)

As she was treated her body popped upright and stayed there AND, her ankle pain was completely gone. We should have videoed it but when Dr. O’Hara just touched her mom’s ankle it was painful.

As soon as the first part of the ABC™ treatment was done the pain was barely noticeable according to mom. When fully done with the ABC™ protocol Dr. O’Hara was squeezing the ankle with both hands and mom barely noticed.