When I first came for Advanced BioStructural Correction™ one week ago, I had the following health concerns:
Severe and steadily worsening pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, weakness, and clumsiness throughout the left side of the body with worst symptoms focused in neck, jaw, shoulders, arm, hand/wrist, hip/pelvis, leg and foot/ankle. Every aspect of life, from walking to maintaining basic facial expressions (such as a smile) were seriously impacted.

Since receiving Advanced BioStructural Correction™ care at this office, I have noticed the following changes in my health:
After only a few visits, pain and stiffness are already noticeably reduced. Weakness and clumsiness that had previously been chronic, intense and persistent now develop only later in the day and are becoming less severs and disabling.

While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and/or my ability to function and perform:
My life is already returning to normalcy in many ways. I can walk, drive and sit for longer periods. I am sleeping better, feeling less drained, am able to focus for longer periods without the constant interruption of intense pain and muscle spasms. I am a safer driver and cyclist since I can again turn my head to the left to check traffic when necessary. And I can smile!

R.M. graduate student
age 41, 6/20/08


What Spinal Wellness Center and Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has done for me could be described as a miracle. When I first came to SWC I did not even know how much I was suffering. I thought that the pain, the disfigurement and the unhappiness were permanent and normal. It wasn’t until I started getting healthy that I realized how wrong I was!

After 7 1/2 years of taking antidepressants, I no longer needed them after a couple months of ABC™. I also lost 10 pounds! My personal relationships with others began becoming healthier as I became healthier.

I had tried physical therapy and medical doctors to treat the pain before this, but was frustrated by their “band-aid approach” and indifferent attitudes. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has been a life changing experience for me, and although I move away in several days, I will find an ABC™ practitioner and continue!

female, age 24


After only 4 visits of Advanced BioStructural Correction™, I am feeling amazingly better than I was. I am breathing much better, my headaches are almost gone, my stomach and intestines are much better and my legs have stopped cramping all together. I am feeling like a “new” person already. I had no idea my spine was making me feel “awful” for so many years! I have a new spring to my walk…

Sharon L. age 55


I didn’t believe I would feel this great when I signed up for Advanced BioStructural Correction™. It hasn’t just helped with physical pain and discomfort, I’m doing much, much better emotionally and mentally. I deal with stress and problems much better than before; they don’t worry me as much and I don’t lie awake at night brooding over them.

My reflexes are improving and I get to the ball much faster now (badminton/ squash). If anyone had told me I’d feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m breathing better, I’m more relaxed, I’m walking with my head held high (never did that before, and ALWAYS wanted to!), I’m so much more confident and secure overall (emotionally), and I can’t wait to see what else happens. My skin is starting to clear up and my feet don’t get as cold anymore.

I’m especially struck by how much better I feel emotionally – it’s really helping me with my work, and as a graduate student, that’s been really great.

Sze Wei, age 23


…with severe stomach pain and after a dozen other doctors and specialists for 4 months, now in the short 3 weeks the stomach pain is basically gone. I am feeling very well and grateful. Although the Chinese remedy I am taking probably is the main cure for my stomach problem, the spine adjustment I am getting along with a lot of other help I got here are certainly assisting me in speedy recovery.

Female, age 34


Wow! What a story! My son Ben has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 years with seizures. In April, he was admitted where Ben and I spent 11 days (11 long days).

The neurologists poked and prodded but could not find a focal point to the seizures Ben has had. When we left the hospital my son looked and felt HORRIBLE! His eyes were shallow, his skin tone looked bad and the days in the hospital left him weak. I knew I had to approach Ben’s issues from a different angle.

All I can say is WOW! I started him on Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and whatever happened has been amazing. Ben can walk, run and enjoy life. He has not had any seizures, he lost 8 pounds, and he no longer has those dark circles under his eyes.

Two days ago Ben brought me paperwork so he can go out for football in the fall. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Last night he ran, played and laughed out in our backyard until 9pm – it’s amazing! Advanced BioStructural Correction™ really does actually correct body problems.

Lauri D.
personal trainer, martial artist, and teacher


This is what I’ve noticed since I began Advanced BioStructural Correction™ care here at the Spinal Wellness Center:

I can breathe easier and that’s a very important thing! I can sleep for more that 45 minutes at a time. I now have a regular sleeping schedule. My friends/co-workers can see the change in my posture though I am not working to stand any straighter. I feel my brain is finally getting the right signals. I feel more balanced as my moods aren’t as extreme. Bottom line: I feel better and I’ve only had eight visits!

Alicen H, age 30


My name is Loretta and I want to share my experience getting Advanced BioStructural Correction™ at the Spinal Wellness Center. My sister was having horrible problems with her back and feet. I saw that she was having success with the treatment to her back and feet, so I thought I would give it try.

I was not sure if this was the answer for me, as this was something unknown and new to me. I have been going to a chiropractor for years, receiving some help with the pain in my low back, neck, feet and shoulders. I was in pain and discomfort in the lower back and was experiencing some swelling. My neck and shoulders were hurting and a previous foot problem had reoccurred just days prior to my first visit to the Spinal Wellness Center (I wondered if it was due to my back). By the time I made it to my first appointment my range of motion was limited, bending and walking was difficult. I just felt bad all over.

After the first Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatment, my thought process was clearer, my range of motion was free. I could bend over with out pain and twisting my body so it would not hurt to do so. I felt free and not heavy laden, like 150 pounds had been lifted, IN JUST ONE VISIT!! Driving home, I felt so good, that I was almost giddy with feeling so well. I knew I needed help desperately, and found it with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ at the Spinal Wellness Center. No back pain, my foot was not hurting or swollen, my shoulders and neck were free of stress and tension, in just one visit. I’m just amazed!! Side Note : Have you ever asked your self isn’t there is a better way, a way for more lasting results from your doctor. I’d like to be healed so I can feel better all the time, instead of just 1-2 days a week. Have you questioned if you could get some chiropractor help so that you would not need surgery. (With pulled muscles in your shoulder) I have wondered that many times. I believe I have found the answer… I am sooo glad that I was told about Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and the Spinal Wellness Center . Feeling Wonderful,

Loretta H. age 61


For several years I had been suffering back pain and stiffness. From a lower back disk and vertebra problem of long standing; aggravated by long journeys behind the wheel of our van/camper.

At age of 91, the loss of my wife, in ’05, caused a move to Ithaca – to be near my son. The back aches persisting – I searched the “yellow pages” for chiropractic practices. Remembering how much they had helped my mother, years ago.

After one or two short sessions of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ at the Ithaca Spinal Wellness Center I felt the start of a new vitality and the ability to stand straight, walk, with lessening stress and pain. And after many weeks now it seems to be permanent – my relief from a “nagging back”!

Willard A. M., age 91


At this point, I feel so much stronger and healthier than when I began Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatment. When I look back at beginning treatment photos I am amazed at how “messed up” my spine was. I am no longer hunched over and forward. I feel straight and strong. My health has improved as well. I used to suffer from daily headaches and lack of energy. I now have headaches only on some lone occasions. My energy level has increased as well. Now after a day of teaching I have energy to exercise almost daily.

Sheri, age 37


Sports injuries in my youth followed by a career in the building trades led to 41 years of back problems ranging from mild but constant discomfort to debilitating pain. Uncountable visits to many chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians over the years provided only temporary and partial relief. Recent spine surgery (discectomy) followed by months of physical therapy and exercise left me unable to lift bend or sit/stand for any length of time without back pain.

I had pretty much given up hope and was mentally “gearing down” for a much less active life. I was even starting to shop around for handicapped aids like a hospital bed and reaching tools etc.

After my first visit getting Advanced BioStructural Correction™ the symptoms in my back and neck largely disappeared! To my delight and surprise my knees, which had become stiff and painful to bend all the way (from installing floors etc.) became pain free with full range of motion. I can actually squat down on my heels without my knees feeling like they’re going to explode.

Since I started ABC™ treatments, I wake in the morning pain free and simply get up and “go!” for the previous several decades I required several hours to “warm up” and “work the stiffness out.” Tying my shoes was the hardest part of my day!

The information I’ve long yearned for about the mechanics of my spine and nervous system is finally being provided to me by the remarkable healers in this office.

I feel like I’m getting reacquainted with the skeleton of my younger days – like I had an overhaul. I’ve been driving my family “nuts” gushing about how good I feel and how easily I can move… and I’m just getting started!

“Go get ABC’d”

V. Lane W


Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has helped to totally rid myself of the excruciating pain I was in a year ago. The person I was last year would not believe at all that I could become the pain free person I am this year.

D.R., age 62


I have been coming here to Dr. Pierre’s for over 2 years. He would always say I was doing great etc. But now in the past few weeks of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ I have had this great change in my emotional personality. I have been able to let go of everything that happens both at work and at home that used to upset me and just roll with it.

I always have been a person who takes everything that happens to heart and put guilt trips on myself over everything and now most of the time I just say “oh, I guess I’m human and humans make mistakes”. I sleep much better and have totally given up Pepsi. I love coming here and Dr. Pierre is great. He really cares. Learn to believe in yourself and you will be happy.

Sharey T., age 55


My father, Vincenzo M., would have celebrated his 109th birthday this January. While thinking about my gratitude, I include the blessings I have received from his immigration here to Ithaca; where 80 years later Pierre is practicing his healing arts. In April I will celebrate my fifth year of healing from a 50-year-old injury, a broken coccyx that contributed to my severe memory loss. The Advanced Bio-Structural Corrections are continuing the profound changes taking place in my body. They include days of calmness I have never before experienced. Information is beginning to surface automatically from brain cells long dormant. My dorsal harm, at the base of my skull, is healing; in the past few weeks I have been releasing a great deal of sadness, nervousness, and anger. I also experience days of non-stop energy and my feet are warmer.

PS. I’m now doing math problems in my head.

Jemma M., age 67


When I started I felt like a mess. With the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ program, I walk out of here feeling like a million bucks. Each and every time I come, I improve more and more. I can sleep better, pay more attention in school because I have more sleep. Even my endurance in sports has improved. I come in here with neck and back pains and leave with nothing. My energy level has raised a huge amount on a good note and before I came I never thought my neck and back pains would ever stop; but everyday I feel more and more pain free.

Josh S., age 14


When I started Advanced BioStructural Correction™, I was overweight and tired all the time. I had no desire to exercise and could barely keep up with my three-year-old son, Dalton.

I had never had any neck problems, only lower back. I thought I understood the unwinding process completely until I woke up the day after Christmas and couldn’t move my neck at all. I called in a panic. He calmly stated it was my lower back not my neck. I didn’t believe him. I went over to his house in extreme pain and crying. I am telling you those meningeal release are no fun when your neck hurts. As soon as he adjusted my lower back and everything moved, I was pain free in my neck and whole body. If it didn’t happen to me, I would have never believed it. Trust me when I say “with the pain, comes the fun”. I feel more alive in my body than I ever have. There is no problem with me keeping up with Dalton now.

I have managed to lose 15 pounds without all those fancy diets that I had tried in the past. I am exercising more and always want to walk.

Thank you for the opportunity to work, receive and promote Advanced BioStructural Correction™. It changed my life!!!

Bobbi Jo Beck, age 37


When I first came in I had suffered with flare-ups of ulcerative colitis for 15 years. I first saw Pierre in January 2002. Since then, I have had few symptoms and none in the last few months. I have lots of energy and joy in my life and in my two small children.

I do enjoy good health. I am grateful every day for my continued good health. This is the best I have felt in my life.

Catherine M., age 36


Since beginning Advanced BioStructural Correction™, some interesting observations are:

1. My “high stress” job is getting much easier to deal with because my body is realizing how to handle high pressure situations.
2. I enjoy waking up each day!
3. The deep seated pains in many areas are disappearing!
4. My physical and mental awareness have been re-kindled, and are going up at light speed. Wow!
5. Life, once again….is good!

J.H. Plumber, age 43


After five visits of Advanced BioStructural Correction™, I am able to move my neck and spine in ways I didn’t realize I was missing. I had felt tension in my neck and spine for a long time but had became accustomed to it as “normal.” I now feel as though a huge knot has been untied and my body wants to stretch and breathe as never before. I look forward, enthusiastically, to a vitality I haven’t had in years.

A.P., age 51


I’ve been having problems focusing and breathing the past 4 years I’ve been at Cornell University. The stress I’ve had to endure had controlled my body and spine into a hunched over, out of shape and out of energy blob.

After Advanced BioStructural Correction™ started: Wow! My eyes are clearer. I don’t “bottom out” when I breathe! I’m beginning to have much more energy! I can only attribute this re-found energy and vitality to this office and what he has allowed my body to find again.

What an experience!

S.Y., age 22, Cornell student


While under Advanced BioStructural Correction™ care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and ability to function and perform. Work doesn’t stress me out much now and I laugh again with ease. I am much more peaceful overall. I find myself automatically stopping to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder at different points throughout the day.

S. M., age 46


I started coming to the Spinal Wellness Center when I was 20 years old and in horrible pain from doing stunts on a 20 BMX bike. I have two bulging discs and one herniated disc from one of my horrible crashes.

When I was 19 was when I started to feel lots of pain in my back, but it wasn’t until the next year (20) when I felt scary amounts of pain in my back to the point where I could not touch my toes, could not sit in a car, and to work was torture, I even had to take a Vicodin just to try to come close to finishing my job.

Now I am 21 years old and feeling like someone has taken mountains off my back! I can work without the aid of pain pills and do ALL the activities I want to do and pain does not show up! Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has done miracles for me. And if you are in as much pain as I was you would be a fool not to get Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Jason C., Male, Age 21


When I first came in, chiropractic care was something I hadn’t even thought of doing for my pain. I had arthritic-like pain since my early teens, and it only worsened as I got older. It limited me from doing a lot of things other kids were doing; sports, running around, even walking became a painful chore.

After my first week of going to Spinal Wellness Clinic and getting Advanced BioStructural Correction™ I regained so much energy, I lost weight, and my pain diminished. Now, after 30 or so visits, I am pain free, and have nothing to worry about except my social problems.

Amanda, age 19


In august 2003 I came as a last resort. During the summer of 2003 I was told I needed surgery. My right foot was numb and the pain in my left leg would have me bedridden and on major pain medication for weeks at a time. Since starting with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ my spine is starting to move in ways that it hasn’t since childhood. It has been 4 months since I started and I plan to continue until I am totally healed and whole and look forward to a life free of back pain.

Donna B, age 45


When I first came I couldn’t walk any distance. I had a recent hip replacement. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ helped me to grow strong fast. I am now 2 years post-op and functioning and feeling as I never have in my entire life! A recent bus trip to New York City proved my success with chiropractic! I actually walked 15 miles all over Manhattan and only experienced a little stiffness! I almost can’t believe it my body actually works and works well thanks to chiropractic.

Thank You All

Carol C, age 52


I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical coming to Advanced BioStructural Correction™ care. I was delighted that my skepticism was unfounded. Almost immediately the symptoms that I had been dealing with for years lessened or even disappeared.

I am looking forward to feeling even healthier than I already do. I would highly recommend this care to anyone.

Steven H., Professional dancer


A friend of mine referred me to the Wellness Center of Ithaca following a conversation regarding the number of surgeries I have had on my lower back (4), and neck (1), since I felt somewhat hopeless regarding the pain and stiffness and trying to accomplish routine everyday tasks. Immediately I was a bit skeptical thinking, what could Dr. Pierre possibly do for me? How could he improve on the damage that took years in the making?

After three Advanced BioStructural Correction™ visits I was totally amazed of how good I felt! I was standing up straight … felt no pain, could breathe better, thinking clear and I had much more energy! People of the clinic and Dr. Pierre are emphatic about educating you regarding your spine and how it impacts everything you do. I think everyone should receive this education. There certainly would be less back problems and much happier people walking around. I, for one, am on a mission to “GET THE WORD OUT”. Why feel like nothing makes a difference… do something about it at the Wellness Center of Ithaca… you won’t be disappointed.

Diane C., age 53


When I first came to Spinal Wellness, I was bending over at the waist, unable to stand up. My face was not symmetrical, but contorted and pulled in all directions. I had been hit by a car and had fractured four vertebrae (L2 – L5), and my former chiropractor told me it was all in my head.

Now, 10 months later (January 2004), I am standing up straight. My face has started to balance out, and my back is approaching a normal curve.

Others said it couldn’t be done, yet Dr. Pierre and the folks at Wellness Center have really helped my body to unwind and heal itself. Get Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

John S