ABC™ Practitioner Treated for Spinal Problems

Dear other ABC™ Docs,

I just wanted to put this out there to encourage others. I have had spinal problems since I was 10 years old and chiropractic has helped me get thru the years, but I have never been feeling to the level I am now. Thanks to ABC™, ever since I was adjusted about a year ago by Dr. Jutkowitz I knew there was hope to reach another level.

I did Pettibon and all its rehab before and it did help, but what a lot of work for a small result. Other chiros would adjust me with what ever they do and sometimes it would help and sometimes it would just plain screw me up till it was afraid of getting adjusted. Now I have been getting ABC™ by Dr. Pete Hiltgartner (1.5 hours one way or 120 mile trip) over several months approx 6 to 10 times and i now feel young again.

I also have been working very hard at building my skills as an ABC™ practitioner and now I feel confident. It takes time to get proficient at it, you just have to keep doing it till your little thumbs can feel the grooves real easy and at times you have trust you are in the groove. I trust in time that will not be necessary either.

The moral of this little story is that each of you should find a ABC&$153 doc and travel to them get your spine fixed and feel the power of excellent chiropractic care. What this has done for me is raised my confidence in what chiropractic care can do. I comes through in my body language and tone of voice to my patients. Now my patient compliance has improved and my day is full of patients. Patients tell me frequently they like this method better because it is very thorough though they don’t like the Meningeal Releases to much. Patient return for care with out me nagging them, they hear it in voice and feel it in the results.

So just keep trying to be the best, you and your patients deserve it.

Mark Bryngelson D.C. Stafford, VA


Great post Mark. I couldn’t agree more. My confidence in what ABC™ can do for a person is also based on personal experience getting adjusted with ABC™. It is so important.


Here is my story of how the first five months of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) has enhanced my life. You can see some of the outward changes in the series of photos. All these changes have come after having already done 20 years of previous chiropractic and other bodywork, and having done yoga regularly since age 19 (now 47) none of that seemed to help and I have traveled everywhere to take classes in everything trying to help my patients and myself. So, five months of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and here is my report on me:

  • At age 47, I breathe better, move better and feel better than ever in my life. My body is not collapsing any longer! I have gained 3/8 inch in height. I am stronger, can run and swim better in ways that I did not think were possible for me. I can run faster than I did when I was 21.
  • Many structural imbalances that existed in my body, some since childhood, have completely disappeared. Asymmetry and tension in my eyes, face, chest and hips have untwisted and resolved into ease. All this has not only been very wonderful, but has astonished me. After 20 years of Chiropractic I did not think this would be possible. I love delivering and receiving Advanced BioStructural Correction™.
  • The meningeal releases have gotten the twist out of my skull and upper cervical spine that were probably there since a difficult childbirth. My chronic, background brain fog has gone.
  • I, like many others receiving ABC™, have definitely noticed that I am warm, even in this colder-than-normal winter we are having. Both inside at 63∞F or outside at 12∞F. Less tension = less fear = more warmth.
  • The newfound ease and freedom in my body has allowed me much more emotional freedom and ease. My son says I am way more fun to play with!
  • Because I used to have so many chronic imbalances and tension patterns, I used to be a bodywork junkie, receiving a shiatsu or massage every week. I no longer feel the need to do this though I occasionally do for enjoyment. This is saving me time and money.

From what I know about how Advanced BioStructural Correction™ works, I know that these changes are permanent. My body has resolved these distortions via the unwinding process and has no reason to go back into them.

And, at this point, I am less than half-way through my full correction!

Dr. Pierre Gremaud, Ithaca NY


Like Dr. Jerry Porter (the former CBP™ instructor) my life changed after my first time through the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol in Philadelphia Nov. 2000. I have been a chiropractor for 30 years now and had many treatments from Goodheart, Schmidt and other technique founders. That first ABC™ treatment was a biggie. It felt like fourteen layers of wallpaper came off the wall inside my head and I came back to life.

Dr. Jutkowitz came to me after the seminar and told me that I had very serious meningeal adhesions and that I must get a year or more of care. I am immensely gratefully to Dr. Jutkowitz and Dr. Greg Frick for my initial and long term care and Dr. Jo Anne Jedrick for my current care. My body is now working better than it has in 20 years and I had what many consider the best in chiropractic care before I knew about ABC™.

Having been trained in Applied Kinesiology by Dr. Goodheart and Dr. Schmidt personally since 1976, correcting posture was a big deal for me and other AK doctors. What got my attention about ABC™ in 1996 was the fax ad with the pictures of before and immediately after the first adjustment. The pictures with the caption of consistent and predictable results on the ABC™ fax grabbed my attention and my thoughts were “if he does this on the first visit repeatedly I’ve got to find out what he is doing”. Like Goodheart and everyone else, I was working everyday to correct posture and did so occasionally, but never with any kind of consistency. I can tell you now that with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ the changes are consistent and predictable every time and on every patient.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and two pictures side by side showing people before and after the ABC™ protocol is worth a lifetime of understanding. With Advanced BioStructural Correction™ there really is no lie – With ABC™ you will consistently and predictably get the results AK, SOT, CBP™ and everyone else has been promising in chiropractic but not delivering except occasionally.

Dr. Dave Cheetham, Haddon Heights, NJ


Here is a patient history I wanted to relay to you:

43 year old male came in to see me 3 years back while I was doing Network Spinal Analysis. Works heavy construction and had hurt himself on the job. The Work Comp doc said that he had herniated some discs in his low back and would need surgery. I treated him approximately 25 visits and had some fair improvement. (This guy was serious about getting better because he drove from Victorville , CA to see me. About 80 miles away!) He still had a substantial amount of pain and was taking 4-6 Morphine Sulphate tablets/day just to go to work!

Last year he came back to see me (still living in Victorville). He was worse than before and was up to 6-8 morphine tablets/day! I treated him using CBP™ [Chiropractic BioPhysics] for about 20 visits and also had some fair improvement by the time he left but still had to take the medication to get thru the day.

6 weeks ago, unannounced, this gentleman showed up at my office again. He was in the worse shape he had ever been. He was limping, bent over in pain, and had a VAS of 8-9 (indicating severe pain). He was taking 10 plus Morphine Sulphate tablets/day! He was very worried that this was it and he would not be able to work and support his family.

I told him that I didn’t have the time to explain the new method that I would use on him today (Advanced BioStructural Correction™) but I would the next time he came to my office. I gave him a basic examination to see if there was anything new and then I ran the ABC™ protocol on him. I was very busy and had to get to my other patients but he told me he felt much better. His body really popped up after the Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol!

A week later, he came back to my office and told me “I haven’t had any pain since you did what you did last week!” He was absolutely amazed. I explained my understanding of ABC™ to him and again ran the ABC™protocol. He felt great.

One week later he called my office and asked to talk to me. He explained that he was still symptom free! Now his biggest problem was his Morphine addiction! I explained that my recommendation would be a detox/rehab. He said he would call me and tell me what he was going to do.

On May 15, the day after Mother’s Day, he called my office to talk to me. He had gotten out of rehab on Mother’s Day and was CLEAN AND PAIN FREE! He told me that his wife wanted to drive from Victorville to give me a hug and a kiss for helping him. He also told me that he had called HIS mother on Mother’s day to tell her the good news. The first thing she told him was that he sounded so much different not being on the medication that he had been on for 3 plus years. He told her “Happy Mother’s Day” and she responded ‘Happy Birthday, I now have my real son back.” This man’s whole life has been changed because of Advanced BioStructural Correction™!

Dr. Jutkowitz, I wanted to write and tell you this story (just like the other docs doing ABC™, I a have a TON more great stories) and thank you for your time, effort, perseverance, and brilliance. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is great!

Thanks for reading this long winded email. See you in June!

Eric Spratt, Temecula, CA,


Patient arrived giving a history:
Experienced SEVERE sharp, jabbing pain while picking up a cone after coaching a soccer practice 2 days earlier. Severely stuck forward and slightly right because of pain, massive spasm of muscles from lower rib cage to pelvis (T10 to L5), positive cough test for disc with no radiation, unable to straighten leg because of pain.

Started Advanced BioStructural Correction™ protocol – immediate improvement in every way, continued protocol, great end result, pre-post pictures astonishing —- I know this is the normal and expected course of patient results with ABC. I only posted because it might encourage new Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners.

NOTABLE for me is that in these severe acute hot low back cases I consistently get these results, outine, ho-hum after a while of Advanced BioStructural Correction™.
Pete Kewin, Canada


From Dr. Guy Anderson, Fergus Falls, MN

Consistent & Predictable says what it says. I am not being condescending. The results speak for them selves.

All you have to do is be able to follow directions and observe physical facts while reserving opinions until you’ve tested it. It, meaning any idea you may hold about something.

I have been doing ABC™ for a long time, but I gave Dr. Jutkowitz hell about it for quite a while before I just stopped and tried it. I had many fixed ideas about bodies, chiropractic, etc. I spent the money to get the Home Seminar and even went to a live one. I gave Dr. Jutkowitz heck during that too. Then I began testing and observing and discovered that the facts were not as I expected. They were different, they were as Jesse (Dr. Jutkowitz) said. The things Jesse says sound outrageous in light of medical and even chiropractic education and training. But in the real world what is observed and measured is what is important and I can tell you that what you will observe and measure while doing Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is everything Dr. Jutkowitz promises.

Here are some of the results I have observed with ABC™:

84yo Female Diagnosis: Degenerative Spinal Stenosis, constant pain for > 4 years, 6 darvacet per day with no reduction in symptoms in that tie. 6 ABC™ treatments 96% pain reduction. Restored pain free Range of Motion of Cervical, Thoracic, and lumbar spine, Patent could sleep without pain. No longer taking meds. (ABC™ is in the literature correcting spinal stenosis, so a search checking JMPT article author Kukurin.)

50yo Male Diagnosis: Herniated L5 disc. Prepped for surgery, pleaded with surgeon, did not consent to surgery, was given an injection of lidocaine into disc area. Checked out of Hospital drove 1 hr to my clinic. First ABC™ treatment was 100% pain free while standing. Sitting caused a 3/10 for pain. 2nd treatment could sit pain free.

52yoM self employed painter: Diagnosed herniated L4 disc in auto accident 14 years prior. Previous treatment: orthopedic recommended surgery 13 years earlier. Pt . did not comply, Physical Therapy for 6 months some relief, chiropractic some relief, 3 different Chiros over 14 years averaging 1x/week tx for that entire time yet progressively becoming more disabled each year.

This guy could not lay on his back, bend over to put on shoes or pick anything up. 10/10 on pain scale. After 1st ABC™ treatment the guy says, “What the hell have they (other DCs) been doing?” he could immediately bend over to put his shoes on, lay on his back and picked up a 20lb weight off the floor. 3/10 on pain scale.

These may sound miraculous but it is just another day in practice with ABC™. Yes, that was during a single day. This is why you don’t see a lot of posts on the ABC™ direct to Dr. Jutkowitz site for ABC™ practitioners asking clinical questions. It is only when we don’t get these results that we post or call Dr. J to see what we are or are not doing correctly.

If you are not experiencing results like these everyday in your practice, I do not know why you are hesitant to spend the money and learn ABC™. At the very least get treated by someone competently doing ABC™ and experience the results for your self.

In Health,

Guy Anderson DC


WHEN DONE CORRECTLY, ABC™ is what chiropractic has always promised it could do and be but would often fall short of doing and being. ABC™ absolutely is consistent and predictable — everyone just gets better; symptomatically, structurally, posture, function, etc, etc, etc. Patients unwind just as you tell them they will and the doc looks like a freakin’ miracle worker!

(Stu says, “when done correctly” because he has seen ABC™ not done correctly with the practitioners and patient’s both wondering why everyone says ABC™ is so good when when they did not get the results promised.)

Dr. Stu Freedman, VA