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Patient in Scotland who already had two surgeries and they wanted to do a third

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Great story of a person who’s life was turned around with ABC™

I felt like I had to go to a chiropractor because I had two back operations. I had two discs removed and I had a third herniated disc that was aggravated and I didn’t want to go through another operation. I was suffering from chronic back pain, couldn’t sleep because I had so much pain. Pain down my legs and down my shoulders. I had gone to doctors and was told I was going to have to have another operation. And I had gone to a regular chiropractor and they could not help me. I changed and tried a different chiropractor because I had no success anywhere and I was desperate after 12 years of chronic pain and really wanted something that wasn’t going to be invasive like drugs or surgery. I ended up at David’s because a friend of mine, her sister used to work with David, and her mother had gone and had huge success. She was unable to use her hands, her shoulders were frozen and she was unable to use her hands. And within a few weeks David had completely changed her situation. She had full mobility. David doing ABC™ has completely changed my life and I have no chronic pain. I’m able to go running and ride my horse. And am physically active. I never could be before for 12 long years. It’s completely made a difference in my whole well being. I would absolutely recommend ABC™ to anyone else. I think my results have been tremendous and everyone at some point has had some sort of trauma to their body. And I think it can benefit anyone. My sister has had a major head injury and she’s deaf in one ear and lost her sense of smell and taste and after going to get treatments with ABC™ she’s now able to smell again. I think everybody should go.


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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