Painful Conditions

bigstock-High-resolution-concept-or-con-43945414-painfulmuscles-no-backgroundBack Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, etc, etc….List these all out.

These pains have what in com­mon? Which of the following?

(a) They all hurt
(b) They’re all in your head
(c) They’re all caused by mechanical problems
(d) They’re caused by a lack of pain medications in your body
(e) Not enough vitamins and Body inflammation

The answers include of course, (a) that they all hurt is why they are called “painful conditions”.

Besides all hurting the ONLY other thing they have in common is that they are all caused by (c) mechanical problems in your body.  You may not be getting enough vitamins, but that is not likely a cause of your pain. It most likely is not a cause of body inflammation either as you have likely seen at the bottom of the ABCMiracles Home Page with that woman’s inflammation (swelling or puffiness) going away before the end of her first visit.  (make that a link that goes to the bottom of the Home page) Even the inflammation itself is not the cause of anything. It goes with many things, but chemistry is usually not the basic cause of general inflammation or it would not go away so consistently with Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

How can all these things be related to mechanical problems? Does that mean they all come from the same thing?  NO! Absolutely not. Not all mechanical problems in the body are the same but they all do relate to body structure problems and mechanical workings. So chemistry, drugs or even vitamins and herbs are not the answer.
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