Neurological Conditions and Their Causes

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Neurological conditions like numbness, tingling, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and nerve pain are often caused by stretched nerves in your spinal cord.

There are two things you need to believe and understand here:
1. That nerves malfunction and fail to conduct nerve impulses properly when the nerve is stretched.
2. That conditions like numbness, tingling, MS, ALS and nerve pain are often caused by stretched nerves.

Dr. Breig was a brilliant neurosurgeon and will be remembered forever for his huge contribution to mankind.

Dr. Breig figured out how the meningeal system gets twisted and distorted and how this affects a broad range of conditions including many of our most common complaints human beings deal with on a daily basis. The type of complaints that are destroying our health and costing our country billions of dollars on useless and outdated treatments.

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Here are the basics:

Nerves do not work like wires. Nerves can be stretched slightly and they work fine. Stretch them a little more and you affect their function. Stretch them too far and they stop working all together. Stretch them even more and they tear.

Nerves conduct impulses where wires conduct voltage and current. With a nerve, the information being sent is conveyed in the frequency of the impulses. If the nerve is somewhat stretched, an occasional impulse is simply “lost” in the message. When enough impulses are lost from too much stretch, you get symptoms like numbness, tingling, nerve pains, organ dysfunction and disease, headaches, body pain, tenderness, Fibromyalgia and much more.

Although some doctors admit that this happens, very few know how to actually correct the underlying mechanical problems that are causing the stretch in the first place. Again look at our poor health and poor health care system and you’ll find a lot of suffering from conditions due to nerve stretch. Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz figured out how to fix the mechanics of the body and out of that the neurological problems can be corrected and/or improved with ABC.

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