Brain Fog and it’s Solutions

bigstock-Smoke-over-black-background-49626953_Lg Brain Fog is a general term for what psychiatrists and others call several different conditions that are very com­mon prob­lems that peo­ple just deal with because there is no med­ical cure.

Brain fog is described by people as having a few characteristic symptoms:

  • Unable to concentrate for more than short periods – short attention span. Wandering attention and anything like that.
  • Living with a veil over their existence
  • Can’t think well – slower to process info and make decisions
  • Feeling fuzzy in the eyes or head. Harder to literaly focus their eyes
  • Tired often, but also can’t sleep well at night
  • Feel “dumbed down”

Yes, Brain Fog includes Attention Deflect Disorder and its associated conditions in both, adults and/or children.

Physical pulling on the brain and brain stem causes brain fog. As research has without a doubt shown, pulling on nerves stops them from functioning (it is not the pinching of the nerves but the stretching of the nerves that causes the pain and other nerve problems – See Adult Tethered Cord Syndrome by the neurosurgeon Yamada if you have any doubts about that). Because brain fog is due to a mechan­i­cal stretch on your spinal cord and brain­stem no medication will ever fix it. All the medication does is further dull your awareness so you do not notice it or rev you or your kids up on speed (ritalin and its associated drugs for ADD) so your body can compensate until it burns out from the speed.

By the way, if you have ever left a chiropractor or osteopath with your head a bit fuzzy or feeling a bit dreamy, even from a massage, that is a bad thing.  Whatever they did INCREASED the stretch on your brain and brain stem and partially knocked you out or you would not have that feeling. Properly done structural correction leaves you upright with no effort, as you see in the pictures, and very clear headed.  We call it UP, BRIGHT and ALERT.

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The cause of Brain Fog, it can be corrected, but not just anything does it.

ABC™ cor­rects body mechan­i­cal prob­lems and takes the stretch off your brain, brain­stem and spinal cord in the same process that has the people in the pictures you see on this site standing with effortless upright posture after receiving Advanced BioStructural Correction™. To see how this eliminates the Brain Fog to the point that over 90% of people starting to receive Advanced BioStructural Correction™ tell us  that they are thinking more clearly, less upset and more emotionally stable with no counseling and without their practitioners asking anything about it, Get the ABC™ DVD and discover how you can get your life back — $19.99 will have it to you in 2 days, next day air available.