Dr. Jutkowitz Explaining Advanced BioStructural Correction™

An informal report to patients in which he discusses the most important discovery in health care since the advent of antibiotics.

Part I Introduction and history. This is actually all one video that has been broken into five or six minute segments to fit on the web.

Basic anatomy of what to look for on x-ray as far as structure and analysis is concerned, (simple and easy to understand).

Noting that the spine is a single unit, that cannot be viewed as a neck, midback and low back if you are going to be corrected. Then, seeing things start going wrong.

This next to last part discusses and reveals the most important discovery in healthcare since the advent of widely available antibiotics. During the pause read the blurb below.

Do not be fooled.
Your body should stay upright with almost NO MUSCULAR EFFORT
or it has not been “corrected”. Read below:

Everyone, even the MDs now admit that bones misalign (go out of place) and cause problems with nerves and organ function.

Until now there has been no explanation of how or why structural healthcare of any type works when it works and does not when it does not. Here it is:

Though very simply stated, the discovery noted in the video:

Bones can and do go out of place in directions the body cannot self-correct because it has no muscle combinations or single muscles that can pull in the direction(s) needed to return those bones to their proper positions, is the most important health care discovery since antibiotics.

That discovery is so vitally important because every healthcare system other than ABC™, even medicine, Chiropractic, Massage and Osteopathy has for its basis the assumption that if people did not do something to make their bodies go wrong the body would self-correct everything and be healthy.

This discovery shows that idea is incorrect. Additionally, it demonstrates the need for a change of viewpoint of healing methods if the body is actually to be corrected and brought to the best possible health.

What needs to happen is that practitioners need to correct the things that the body cannot self-correct and let the body self-correct the rest, until it runs into the next thing it cannot self-correct, which practitioners then correct and let the body self-correct what it can until it hits the next thing it cannot self-correct which practitioners then correct… and so on, until the body works so well people have difficulty believing it can work so well.

That sequence is why I can promise (and your your certified practitioner of ABC™ can promise) that you will be physically doing things you have not done in decades after a matter of weeks of ABC™ care.

Other treatments claiming to “correct” the positions of bones out of place in directions the body can, but does not self-correct just shifts or worse, removes the compensations.

That occasionally has good results, even great ones. But those results are accidents (which is why they are not predictable and consistent).

More often shifting, or worse, removing compensations, makes the body worse mechanically even if it relieves pain.

This is something you have to discover for yourself.

See the end of the video below. If your body doesn’t stay upright with little or no muscular effort after the structural treatment you have been getting, you have been getting less than the best care. Try a certified ABC™ practitioner and you will discover the truth of these statements for yourself.

The final part of the video:
A physical demonstration of what was said above.