Hard Kyphosis

kyphosisThis is a chiropractor treated ONCE with Advanced BioStructural Correction™. What you might not know is that the curve at the arrows in the pretreatment picture is a hard kyphosis that has not changed in years. When he laid face up pretreatment, his head just barely hit the table with him extending it backward as far as possible. Same standing with his back against the wall, the head did not touch the wall unless he moved his buttock away from the wall. There was almost no extension in the thoracic spine (the level of the spine where the ribs are). Post treatment you can see he popped upright and has some flexibility in the thoracic spine.

Post treatment when he put his back against the wall, his head and back and buttock all were against the wall with no effort. Not only that, you might think from the pre-treatment picture and physical examination being unable to bend his lover back backward that he has a reversed lumbar curve (low back reversed). Well, one treatment and the whole complex of problems and compensations has changed more than it had in a decade of treatment and is well on its way to being corrected.