There are several major differences.  Please read this all the way down. Several things need to be known to understand the most important point.

Keep in mind these two quotes:

From time immemorial of builders and others who have to apply various theories and make them work in the real world to physicists and other scientists:
The greatest tragedy in science is the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.

And from Future Shock:
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

One is that Gonstead just did standing films. Had he done standing and sitting films he would have no choice but to conclude that forward is the problems direction for humans and backward is the compensation direction.

That is not just a statement but a measured thing.

Check   Do not look at the article at this point. Just view the full spine films. The top row are standing films taken on the dates noted. The next row are sitting views on the same dates with less than 6 minutes between all 4 films on each date.

Take Gonstead’s theories and ideas and you will find they do not apply or work with the sitting films of the same person taken a minute or two later than the standing with no treatment between.  Applying Gonstead’s ideas you actually get conflict on what is what with the person from the two views.

So, that is Gonstead’s beautiful theory slain by a fact. One of the things that got me early on to know that Gonstead was on the wrong track is that even Gonstead and the people said did not change spinal configurations. Take a good look and you will find the focus, no matter what they have changed to now to agree with the current popular fashion of statements, the focus has been on relief of symptoms — and, they readily admit that does not happen many times.

Now THAT actually fits:  It turns out that the large majority of symptoms are related to compensations. The locations of compensations are the places in the body to which adverse mechanical forces are shifted. So, at those points are created the most EASILY NOTICEABLE body pains and other EASILY NOTICEABLE body problems (because they are life threatening or causing other noticeable disfunction).   Keep in mind that EASILY NOTICEABLE and very important are two completely different things unless the problem at the compensation is immediately life threatening.

On that page of x-rays, besides the article itself, which will tell you more about scoliosis than anyone images and is unique to my measurements and findings (sounds a bit arrogant, yes?)

Arrogant as it sounds those findings it is true. Worse, those findings would be obvious to any trained engineer measuring the full spine on the films as a single synchronized unit — which no one else has seemed to have done.

The problems, medics do not look at full spine films when considering spinal mechanics and chiros, who do view full spine films, view them in only one position.  Even viewing full spine films everyone’s focus has been a sectional mechanics vertebra-to-vertebra with discs — the motor unit so to speak.

No one else seems to have done a detailed engineering analysis of the entire spine.

Medics focus on the effect of large curves on the organs because they have no way to influence the curves other than surgery which does not have the effects they want or predict because there is no understanding of the underlying FULL SPINE mechanics.

Chiros focus on the motor unit rather than the gross effects of full spine — no matter what they talk about — and likewise miss the more important factors.  This is evident in that no one else predicts or claims to change the things I do on a consistent or predictable basis — because they know they cannot.  I do because understanding both the gross mechanics of the entire spine as a single synchronized unit the mechanics are understandable and predictable and correctable.

The largest difficulty with practitioners and even researchers is that they think of things being much more simplistic than they are.

Complicated as the system is fixing it is much more simple on a day to day basis. There is no need to focus on the difficulties at any given level or even overall because the basic problem is that one can divide bones out of place into ONLY two significant categories:

Bones out of place in a direction the body CAN self-correct the position of because it has muscles or combinations of muscles that can pull in the directions needed to do so. And,

Bones out of place in a direction the body CANNOT self-correct because it has no muscles or combinations of muscles oriented in directions that can pull that bone back to its position of optimum mechanical advantage.

This is important for a few reasons.

For this discussion one of the most important reasons is that if bones are out of place in a direction the body CAN self-correct (but does not) there must be a reason.

You can put aside all the common explanations like nerve problems, muscle problems, ligament problems and etc. because no address to those so-called problems has ever led to a consistently workable solution.

Keep in mind that term: CONSISTENTLY WORKABLE SOLUTION  because if a solution does not consistently work to make the corrections claimed, what the solution work on is NOT the BASIC problem.  It might be a problem in some cases but not the BASIC one.

You are left with:  Why would the body leave something out of place that it CAN self-correct (because it does have muscles that can pull in the direction needed)?

The answer is that, they are left “out of place” because that is the compensating position the body needs those bone to be in to compensate or counterbalance the forces created by other bones that are out of place in directions the body CANNOT self-correct (because it has no muscles of combinations of muscles to pull in the directions needed to correct the positions of those out of place bones).

That is basic factor:

Bones out of place in a direction the body CANNOT self-correct because it has no muscles or combinations of muscles oriented in directions that can pull that bone back to its position of optimum mechanical advantage.

ABC™ finds and addresses those only.  Correcting ONLY those will lead to the body correcting the no longer needed compensations and health.  Of course, there are many bones out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct and even layers of them under compensations so the conditions are complicated (complicated means, having many parts).  They are not difficult to deal with though.


Because you addressing the correction of ONLY bones out of place that the body cannot self-correct leads to the body correcting everything else it can until it runs into the next thing it cannot self-correct which you then correct. The body then self-correct everything else it can until it runs into the next thing it cannot self-correct and so on until it unwinds through all the old injuries of the body.

You will see those corrections happening consistently and predictably on external view and internal imaging like x-ray.  The bodies might not always go in the direction you want because what a given body needs to do to unwind or untwist through its old injuries and compensations might not be what you think or like but it does occur consistently and predictably and it can be objectively measured on all human bodies.

There is, of course, more but I leave that to the course.  Oh, one thing to note:

Correcting the positions of bones out of place that the body CAN self-correct but does not, might lead to temporary relief but often has the affect and effect of adversely changing bodies’ compensation patterns.

Which is why you see so many chiros themselves in horrible shape.  And yes, I tell you now that any ABC™ practitioner or patient in lousy shape should have his or her practitoner investigated as to the correctness of application of ABC™.  Again, sounds arrogant but has physically been demonstrated to be the case unless there are other problems of chemistry, infection or things that were so bad before treatment that the body could not possibly catch up and fix them.  That last category is rare but occasional. The former categories are just not structural so will not be handled by fixing structure.

Do not hesitate to ask questions of me personally.


Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz