ABC™ Educational DVD

How and Why the ABC™ Technology Consistently and Predictably Corrects Body Problems


Learn exactly how human bodies go wrong and what’s caus­ing your pain and other body problems that are not related to cancer, infections, fractures or the like.

After this DVD you will be armed with knowl­edge that very few peo­ple in this world know and how to get out of pain and have your body be and stay healthier than you can imagine.

Length: 105 minutes – Shipping is included


First Rib Maneuver™ DVD

SSS-DVD-100Learn how to treat your­self with the First Rib Maneu­ver™ DVD. This is the one thing you can do for yourself to have your shoulders stay up & back with no effort not slumping forward. You will immediately breathe easier and usually increases your breathing capacity and heart function immediately because your upper chest will no longer collapse on the middle chest  compressing your heart, lungs & aorta.

Not an exercise or traction just one of the few maneuvers you can do on yourself with a good successful outcome. Other parts of your body might still fold forward but your shoulders will immediately stay back all by themselves. Fantastic for people with asthma, COPD or any breathing or heart problems.

Length: 45 minutes – Shipping is included


Sit Sleep Stand DVD

SSS-DVD-100Learn how to Sit, Sleep and Stand without throwing your body forward and out of place in a way that will constantly reset your body into bad positions that lead to problems later.

These are secrets you need to know to keep your body healthy and prevent body problems in your kids and spouse.

Includes one pair of heal chips, one pair of heal lifts and a dot for you to use to correct a pair of your shoes while you’re watching the DVD.

Length: 120 minutes – Shipping is included



Buy All 3 for Big Savings

 ABC™ Educational DVD + First Rib Maneuver™ DVD + Sit Sleep Stand DVD
Just shy of 4 hours of knowledge at your finger tips.