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Awesome Changes at an ABC™ Seminar in Australia

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I just wanted to congratulate Jesse and Alison on an outstanding few days here in Australia. The advanced seminar in Sydney was an absolute triumph. 3 days of learning through doing with a great bunch of skilled and excited ABC practitioners.

The fact that so many of us put our own bodies on the line with full spine standing/sitting x-rays at the beginning and end of the weekend, as well as lining up for intensive ABC™ treatment with multiple meningeal releases to an end point was more than justified by the awesome improvements we saw in each others bodies over the weekend. More changes and improvements in structure as seen on x-ray as well as with Pre and Post external photography than one usually sees on a patient in a lifetime of normal manipulation or chiropractic care.


Here are my pre treatment external pics with me relaxed, instructions for ALL pictures, even the posts are, “Breathe in, breathe out and let your body completely relax.”

These are the post treatment pics — and yes, same instructions. I am relaxed and trying to slump in all pictures and I cannot. My body posture stays upright all by itself — AND, everyone I treat with ABC™ gets similar if not better results.  As I said, these are with me RELAXED not trying to straighten. It is more change in a weekend than anything else can make in years. Believe me I have tried the others.

Along with the changes to our bodies, the deeper understanding of unwinding we got from measuring out the x-ray changes and the correlations to the observations and palpations of bodies were wonderful. When I view and examine patients now I feel like I have x-ray vision. Dr. Jutkowitz has taken his teaching to another level with further clarification of correct setup and delivery of the treatments and much more. Every time I see him, I finally hear something he’s been saying for the last 7 years!

As for skill improvements it was beyond compare to anything in Chiropractic, physical therapy or other physical body treatments!

Then after a full day in practice on Monday I followed it up with a full day in-office with Dr. J today, what a day! Much of the trouble shooting I needed was covered on the weekend but it was great to have Jesse there to help me bed it down on a wider variety of body types and clear up any misunderstandings I had remaining. And, he had my patients eating out of his hand! Worth every cent!

All up it’s been the most amazing 5 days so far in my 17 years in practice and 7 years doing ABC™. I now feel like I made a quantum leap and am delivering on the promises that Jesse and others make about ABC™. Just awesome stuff!

James Cobb, Chiropractor
Newcastle, NSW, Australia


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Dr. Aberle has been in clinical practice since 1997. He's been using Advanced BioStructural Technique since 2006 as his primary method of treatment. In his spare time he enjoys computers, programming and electronics.
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