Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, developer of Advanced BioStructural Correction

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz,
developer of Advanced BioStructural Correction

Predictable & Consistent Results

Unlike other forms of body work, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ results are consistent and predictable in correcting bodies, maintaining wellness and reversing the effects of aging on bodies. Our practitioners and their patients consistently show you the fact of posture change with no muscular effort, just correction of bone alignment. These consistent and predictable results slay the popular theories of the structural workings of human bodies that have you spending money and time on therapies that do not work consistently and have not worked consistently since the times of the Greeks and even earlier. Those based on the theories of muscles being weak or needing strengthening of ligaments being stretched have never worked consistently before and never will. Something consistently and predictably effective is finally available: Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

A Point of Observation

Many people believe they are not smart enough or do not have the credentials to make observations that differ from what they are taught. They think that greater minds than theirs have discovered that things are different from what can be physically observed and they stick with what they were taught though it is observably wrong. In the field of engineering this is less obviously so than in the field of healthcare because when you build a machine or structure to physically do something, it either does or does not accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You are clearly either correct or incorrect about how it can be done or not. The ideas used to build a bridge that falls down with a bunch of cars on it were obviously incorrect for the job.

Searching for Fact

My family was one that always said “we can do that” when it came to doing just about anything from buying a side of beef and butchering it ourselves, fixing cars or to replacing the plumbing in the house. If I did not know how to complete a task, I was taught to read up on it and get to work. When you are self-learning how to do many and varied things, you quickly learn that if the idea you have in your mind does not match up with what is physically there, or if you do not quite know the rules of the physical universe, you quickly get into trouble. After getting in enough trouble I learned to observe what is physically present and determine if it matched up with what I had in my mind as an idea.

That concept made me/makes me a bit different from most people researching how to structurally correct bodies. Read on. You will find that everything in Advanced BioStructural Correction is consistent and matches up with the things you already know about the physical world.

The Greatest Tragedy in Science is the
Slaying of a Beautiful Theory by an Ugly Fact

We understand the facts of the body changes occurring in minutes shown on this site make most theories of body structure and how it works invalid but they are true and can be experienced by anyone having Advanced BioStructural Correction™ done on their body. Those with theories that cannot explain the changes, or worse, indicate they are impossible, need to discard their theories. Not because we say so, but because the facts negate them totally.