Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is a huge advance in the
natural and nonsurgical correction of human body structure.

Bio = life so BioStructural = life structure, (human bodies) so ABC™ is an advance in the nonsurgical correction of human body structure! With ABC™ correcting your body structure you will literally find yourself able to do physical activities you have not been able to do in decades — that is not just hype, it is what all our clients, young and old, tell us.


A Sample of What ABC™ Will Do Starting with Your First Treatment

This small part of the full ABC™ protocol can be used as a demonstration because you will typically notice your shoulders come back, you’ll breathe easier and your whole body will feel different.

Treatment with ABC™ WILL accomplish this with YOUR BODY on the FIRST VISIT!

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How and Why ABC™ Works and How it is Different

If you get ANY physical treatment that is actually correcting your body structure you MUST get this result on the first visit — your shoulders stay upright immediately with no effort on your part and both your breathing and heart function immediately improve. Anything less and they are not correcting your structure, but just moving things around in the hope you will be better.

The reason: Because Advanced BioStructural Correction™ ABC™ is truly an advance that makes actual CORRECTION of body structures consistent and predictable doable (bio = life so BioStructural = life structures or bodies). It is astonishing what occurs when you have true correction of your body structure but in our culture that forces bodies into a forward bend, this will occur with everyone on their first session of ABC™. These people are relaxed in all pictures (then show the ABC™ does this pic.

Quite a large claim, but one we stand by 100%.

Hear from others who have experienced ABC

This is a patient of Dr. Pierre Gremaud in Ithaca, NY.  You might think this is a special case but it is not.  This is a TYPICAL report. Especially for those who have had long term physical problems that have not been have not been handled by physical therapy, other chiropractic, osteopathy or any manipulation or any other type of treatment.

Check Dr. Gremaud’s site and check the testimonials. There are bunches of them because it happens all the time. Find yourself an ABC™ practitioner today!

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We Make the Changes on YOUR body that Everyone Else Just Talks About Making

Here from ABC™ practitioners from around the world about how ABC™ has changed their lives and their patients lives.
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Do You Need ABC™?

Life-Does-this-ABC-Does-thisWidth600You probably think that poor posture and the bent over look in the elderly is due to old age. If that were true no young people would have poor posture but many do. You also might think that people have poor posture because are not doing something to stand up straighter. That is true but only AFTER your body structure starts breaking down and is not corrected. When your body structure is corrected, your posture stays upright all by itself with no effort as the people in these pictures do — that is right, the after treatment pictures are with everyone RELAXED.

YES, the people in these pictures are standing RELAXED before and after their first treatment with Advanced BioStructural Correction™  (bio=life so biostructure = your body). That means their bodies are staying upright all by themselves with no effort. ABC™ is the only method of body treatment that results in your body staying upright all by itself with no effort because it is the ONLY method of body treatment that actually corrects your structure.

Seem like a large or audacious claim that cannot be fulfilled? Investigate for yourself — no other method of body treatment even comes close to making that claim because no other method gets these results.

So, when your body structure is corrected your posture stays upright with no effort. Yes, with NO effort! And, if your body does not stay upright with no effort after some type of treatment, I do not know what they did but it was not structural correction — no ifs, ands, buts or other excuses.

Finish reading and find yourself an Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioner on the locator and find out for yourself.  You will know starting with treatment #1  – no excuses!

Your body can be restored to a Pain Free – Happy Body

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People are letting their bodies relax in the pictures above and below. We know it does not look it. That is what is so remarkable — get your structure truly corrected and your posture stays upright all by itself.


Besides the usual aches and pains in his back and neck, this man had a lot of digestive issues causing pain, gas and much worse for a several years.

Prior to having treatment with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ he had been to five medical doctors, run through countless tests and treatments with no success. Besides the pain relief, after about twelve treatments almost all of the digestive issues had resolved. Want to know why and how, get the ABC™ DVD…

This guy looked pretty trim and muscular but, would you rather look like the picture on the left or the picture on the right? Keep in mind he is relaxed in all the pictures and not holding himself in any of them. That’s a guy.

As a woman would you rather have the slumped chest or the chest that’s raised up with­out any effort? You can see the improvements start with visit one. Which body would show more confidence and physical ability? Which posture is going to be healthier to a huge degree? Up till now, these types of things haven’t been discussed in medicine or chiropractic because these types of changes are not possible with those methods.

With ABC™ they are and they will occur on YOUR body starting with visit one! Here is a perfect example of what longer term care provides. Look at the before side view typical slump when relaxed. Her upper back and neck look a bit odd. And after her first visit it looks a bit better, more natural. In side view #3 a few weeks later, she not only looks better and nat­ural but, she is much more com­fort­able and even looks it. You can notice how her chest shape has improved (remember she is relaxed and not working to hold it up) but you cannot tell from the still pictures how much her breathing capacity and heart capacity have improved. She is as much healthier as she looks. Get your ABC™ DVD… Today!

The fact that her face is less puffy after her first time with ABC™ is not an accident. It happens with just about everyone. By #3 the puffiness is just gone. She did not loose weight (notice her arm is about the same but the rest of the body is not). However, her body configuration changed so she sure looks like she did. That also happens with just about everyone. Notice she looks younger? Again, this happens with everyone! Getting your body structure corrected is the best (and one of the least expensive) Anti-Aging strat­egies that exist. Get your ABC™ DVD… Today!

  • I have been com­ing here to Dr. Pierre’s for over 2 years. He would always say I was doing great etc. But now in the past few weeks of Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ I have had this great change in my emo­tional per­son­al­ity. I have been able to let go of every­thing that hap­pens both at work and at home that used to upset me and just roll with it. I always have been a per­son who takes every­thing that hap­pens to heart and put guilt trips on myself over every­thing and now most of the time I just say “oh, I guess I’m human and humans make mis­takes”. I sleep much bet­ter and have totally given up Pepsi. I love com­ing here and Dr. Pierre is great. He really cares. Learn to believe in your­self and you will be happy.–Sharey T., age 55

  • Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ has helped to totally rid myself of the excru­ci­at­ing pain I was in a year ago. The per­son I was last year would not believe at all that I could become the pain free per­son I am this year.–D.R., age 62

  • In august 2003 I came as a last resort. Dur­ing the sum­mer of 2003 I was told I needed surgery. My right foot was numb and the pain in my left leg would have me bedrid­den and on major pain med­ica­tion for weeks at a time. Since start­ing with Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ my spine is start­ing to move in ways that it hasn’t since child­hood. It has been 4 months since I started and I plan to con­tinue until I am totally healed and whole and look for­ward to a life free of back pain.–Donna B, age 45