Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ is a huge advance in the
nat­ural and non­sur­gi­cal cor­rec­tion of human body structure.

Bio = life so BioStruc­tural = life struc­ture, (human bod­ies) so ABC™ is an advance in the non­sur­gi­cal cor­rec­tion of human body struc­ture! With ABC™ cor­rect­ing your body struc­ture you will lit­er­ally find your­self able to do phys­i­cal activ­i­ties you have not been able to do in decades — that is not just hype, it is what all our clients, young and old, tell us.

Painful Con­di­tions

Quickly elim­i­nate painful con­di­tions like headaches, back pain, mus­cle tight­ness and much more…

Brain Fog

Do you have dif­fi­culty think­ing straight or con­cen­trat­ing? Learn Why…


Dis­cover the cause of many neu­ro­log­i­cal con­di­tions and their solutions.


Improve your pos­ture
Improve your looks

A Sam­ple of What ABC™ Will Do Start­ing with Your First Treatment

This small part of the full ABC™ pro­to­col can be used as a demon­stra­tion because you will typ­i­cally notice your shoul­ders come back, you’ll breathe eas­ier and your whole body will feel dif­fer­ent.

Treat­ment with ABC™ WILL accom­plish this with YOUR BODY on the FIRST VISIT!

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Life-Does-this-ABC-Does-this350x154If you get ANY phys­i­cal treat­ment that is actu­ally cor­rect­ing your body struc­ture you MUST get this result on the first visit — your shoul­ders stay upright imme­di­ately with no effort on your part and both your breath­ing and heart func­tion imme­di­ately improve. Any­thing less and they are not cor­rect­ing your struc­ture, but just mov­ing things around in the hope you will be better.

The rea­son: Because Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ ABC™ is truly an advance that makes actual CORRECTION of body struc­tures con­sis­tent and pre­dictable doable (bio = life so BioStruc­tural = life struc­tures or bod­ies). It is aston­ish­ing what occurs when you have true cor­rec­tion of your body struc­ture but in our cul­ture that forces bod­ies into a for­ward bend, this will occur with every­one on their first ses­sion of ABC™. These peo­ple are relaxed in all pic­tures (then show the ABC™ does this pic.

Quite a large claim, but one we stand by 100%.

Hear from oth­ers who have expe­ri­enced ABC

This is a patient of Dr. Pierre Gre­maud in Ithaca, NY.  You might think this is a spe­cial case but it is not.  This is a TYPICAL report. Espe­cially for those who have had long term phys­i­cal prob­lems that have not been have not been han­dled by phys­i­cal ther­apy, other chi­ro­prac­tic, osteopa­thy or any manip­u­la­tion or any other type of treatment.

Check Dr. Gremaud’s site and check the tes­ti­mo­ni­als. There are bunches of them because it hap­pens all the time. Find your­self an ABC™ prac­ti­tioner today!

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We Make the Changes on YOUR body that Every­one Else Just Talks About Making

Here from ABC™ prac­ti­tion­ers from around the world about how ABC™ has changed their lives and their patients lives.
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Do You Need ABC™?

Life-Does-this-ABC-Does-thisWidth600You prob­a­bly think that poor pos­ture and the bent over look in the elderly is due to old age. If that were true no young peo­ple would have poor pos­ture but many do. You also might think that peo­ple have poor pos­ture because are not doing some­thing to stand up straighter. That is true but only AFTER your body struc­ture starts break­ing down and is not cor­rected. When your body struc­ture is cor­rected, your pos­ture stays upright all by itself with no effort as the peo­ple in these pic­tures do — that is right, the after treat­ment pic­tures are with every­one RELAXED.

YES, the peo­ple in these pic­tures are stand­ing RELAXED before and after their first treat­ment with Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™  (bio=life so biostruc­ture = your body). That means their bod­ies are stay­ing upright all by them­selves with no effort. ABC™ is the only method of body treat­ment that results in your body stay­ing upright all by itself with no effort because it is the ONLY method of body treat­ment that actu­ally cor­rects your structure.

Seem like a large or auda­cious claim that can­not be ful­filled? Inves­ti­gate for your­self — no other method of body treat­ment even comes close to mak­ing that claim because no other method gets these results.

So, when your body struc­ture is cor­rected your pos­ture stays upright with no effort. Yes, with NO effort! And, if your body does not stay upright with no effort after some type of treat­ment, I do not know what they did but it was not struc­tural cor­rec­tion — no ifs, ands, buts or other excuses.

Fin­ish read­ing and find your­self an Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ prac­ti­tioner on the loca­tor and find out for your­self.  You will know start­ing with treat­ment #1  – no excuses!

Your body can be restored to a Pain Free – Happy Body

composite4Lg-No Explanation

Peo­ple are let­ting their bod­ies relax in the pic­tures above and below. We know it does not look it. That is what is so remark­able — get your struc­ture truly cor­rected and your pos­ture stays upright all by itself.


Besides the usual aches and pains in his back and neck, this man had a lot of diges­tive issues caus­ing pain, gas and much worse for a sev­eral years.

Prior to hav­ing treat­ment with Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ he had been to five med­ical doc­tors, run through count­less tests and treat­ments with no suc­cess. Besides the pain relief, after about twelve treat­ments almost all of the diges­tive issues had resolved. Want to know why and how, get the ABC™ DVD…

This guy looked pretty trim and mus­cu­lar but, would you rather look like the pic­ture on the left or the pic­ture on the right? Keep in mind he is relaxed in all the pic­tures and not hold­ing him­self in any of them. That’s a guy.

As a woman would you rather have the slumped chest or the chest that’s raised up with­out any effort? You can see the improve­ments start with visit one. Which body would show more con­fi­dence and phys­i­cal abil­ity? Which pos­ture is going to be health­ier to a huge degree? Up till now, these types of things haven’t been dis­cussed in med­i­cine or chi­ro­prac­tic because these types of changes are not pos­si­ble with those methods.

With ABC™ they are and they will occur on YOUR body start­ing with visit one! Here is a per­fect exam­ple of what longer term care pro­vides. Look at the before side view typ­i­cal slump when relaxed. Her upper back and neck look a bit odd. And after her first visit it looks a bit bet­ter, more nat­ural. In side view #3 a few weeks later, she not only looks bet­ter and nat­ural but, she is much more com­fort­able and even looks it. You can notice how her chest shape has improved (remem­ber she is relaxed and not work­ing to hold it up) but you can­not tell from the still pic­tures how much her breath­ing capac­ity and heart capac­ity have improved. She is as much health­ier as she looks. Get your ABC™ DVD… Today!

The fact that her face is less puffy after her first time with ABC™ is not an acci­dent. It hap­pens with just about every­one. By #3 the puffi­ness is just gone. She did not loose weight (notice her arm is about the same but the rest of the body is not). How­ever, her body con­fig­u­ra­tion changed so she sure looks like she did. That also hap­pens with just about every­one. Notice she looks younger? Again, this hap­pens with every­one! Get­ting your body struc­ture cor­rected is the best (and one of the least expen­sive) Anti-Aging strat­egies that exist. Get your ABC™ DVD… Today!

  • I have been com­ing here to Dr. Pierre’s for over 2 years. He would always say I was doing great etc. But now in the past few weeks of Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ I have had this great change in my emo­tional per­son­al­ity. I have been able to let go of every­thing that hap­pens both at work and at home that used to upset me and just roll with it. I always have been a per­son who takes every­thing that hap­pens to heart and put guilt trips on myself over every­thing and now most of the time I just say “oh, I guess I’m human and humans make mis­takes”. I sleep much bet­ter and have totally given up Pepsi. I love com­ing here and Dr. Pierre is great. He really cares. Learn to believe in your­self and you will be happy.–Sharey T., age 55

  • Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ has helped to totally rid myself of the excru­ci­at­ing pain I was in a year ago. The per­son I was last year would not believe at all that I could become the pain free per­son I am this year.–D.R., age 62

  • In august 2003 I came as a last resort. Dur­ing the sum­mer of 2003 I was told I needed surgery. My right foot was numb and the pain in my left leg would have me bedrid­den and on major pain med­ica­tion for weeks at a time. Since start­ing with Advanced BioStruc­tural Cor­rec­tion™ my spine is start­ing to move in ways that it hasn’t since child­hood. It has been 4 months since I started and I plan to con­tinue until I am totally healed and whole and look for­ward to a life free of back pain.–Donna B, age 45